06 December 2009

Cairns... the Round-up...

It's been quite an eventful trip this one - I've found some new places that I love, finally found the courage to dump those that have been "unfaithful" and discovered some experiences I want to come back and share with Hubby.

Lets get the bad out of the way - I have finally walked away from my (previously #3 favourite) Sushi joint - they have disappointed me for the last time. That being said, although I was obviously on the rebound - I found my new love fairly quickly.

So it was out with the Cairns Central Sushi Train and in with Sushi Zaping.

I trialled some new coffee joints and was sorely disappointed... only to be won over by Skybury Coffee in the Airport on my last day. Pity they charge so much for parking or it would become my new local while in Cairns.

I found out that they host Farmers Markets in the lobby of my Hotel The Shangri-La. Random - but Wonderful! My only disappointment there was that I wasn't leaving until the following day and all the goodies I wanted to take home really needed to be eaten fresh...

Although that didn't stop me from sampling the profiteroles from the French Bakery...

And last but not least - I discovered the simple pleasures of a late night sail with wonderful food. I was lucky enough to be invited to a Christmas Party that involved an evening charter on "Monsoon Cruising" complete with a 10 course Degustation.

Think: Fruit skewers with Ginger and Chilli Syrup, Gazpacho, Scallops with Ginger and Basil, Kangaroo Rump with Roasted Vegetable Salad, Chicken, Feta and Fennel Salad... and much, much more - 5 more courses in fact!

I took a few photos - but unfortunately the light faded quickly and it would have been rude of me to ask for a spotlight...

The night was wonderful... marred only by a strange incident that happened only metres from us - but that we didn't witness as we were too busy devouring dessert and handing out Secret Santa presents... Breaking News!

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