06 December 2009

Qantas - What a surprise you are...

Because I travel so much - I often get asked who I "choose" to fly with. It's a fair enough question I guess, but one that is usually hard to answer.

The answer being - I love Virgin! I think Richard Branson is a Legend and I love that he expanded his entrepreneurial vision to Australia. On the other side of the coin - I refuse to fly Jetstar . I say that and it sounds quite Diva'ish doesn't it? But I have found out the hard way that I can't trust them to get me where I need to be on time, with my sanity (and luggage) intact.

But last but not least - I like Qantas - they can be expensive, but funnily enough they seem almost designed for Sales Reps. They always seem to have a flight that fits my schedule perfectly - so although I use Webjet to compare my flights and book the cheapest - more often than not, it is Qantas that wins because of timing.

But I do have to give Qantas credit where credit is due. They have improved their refreshments 100% in the last couple of years. From weird sludgy "things" that required an imagination and cast iron stomach - to absolutely divine cookies and drinkable coffee. Whoa! I'm not sure when it happened - but I'm liking it!

To give you an example - today was a choice between Raspberry and Apple Muffin or White Chocolate and Macadamia Cookies.

The Muffin was supercute, with visible raspberries and fresh, sticky, icing; The generous biscuit was from the well known and loved Byron Bay Cookie Company . If neither of those were to your liking - they also had some stray Luken & May Butterburst Cookies available. Amazing. Customer Service and Quality Bites have made it our skies!

Considering all of this is available within the cost of your *cough, exorbitant * fare - it is a nice added extra.

And given that both the Cookies are Australian Companies... I can't speak for the Muffins - it's great to show a bit of Aussie Loyalty too!


  1. Oh No! I'm flying Jetstar tomorrow morning - not cool. But I don't have a choice.. need to get to Geelong and Avalon is closest.

  2. I'm sure you'll be fine... *fingers crossed!* They have made me late a number of times but it's different if you are flying for fun, and not for appointments :)
    They are just a bit "Home Brand" - bland, boring and nothing special... but they get the job done most of the time :)