03 December 2009

Sushi Train Cairns Central - You've dropped the ball.

I think I have always been a comfort eater. I’m not really sure when it started, but when I think back to its origins – I have one distinct memory that could possibly hold the key. I was 12 years old, unceremoniously shipped off to boarding school and crying my eyes out at the airport. How upset I really was, I can’t remember – but I do remember hoping against hope that if I could just wield a guilt trip big enough – maybe my parents would bring me home. So, cue the tears and a hysterical phone call home – I was met by my calm but sooky father on the other end who said to me “go find a vending machine and get yourself some chocolate – that will make you feel better.”

So, with that one memory as evidence – and along with my Maori thighs, ugly feet and propensity to scar – I would also like to blame him (lovingly of course!) for my emotional eating habits. Sorry Dad!

So today was one of the worst work days I have had in a long time and the only thing that kept me going, and off the verge of tears was that I was going to be in Cairns for lunch, and could go perk myself up at my 3rd favourite Sushi Train. I had pinned a lot of hope on my lunch today, while I love that I get to travel for my job, some trips are harder than others and therefore need a silver lining. On this trip, that silver lining was meant to be Sushi but it didn't quite happen.

I had been given recommendations for the next time I had Sushi here – but I loyally (read: stupidly) and politely ignored them. The last time I ate there I was horrendously disappointed, I ran in for a late lunch between appointments and despite it being (only) 3pm, there was only one kind of sushi on the train. And while I tried to catch the attention of the Chef to order something else, she did her absolute best to NOT make eye contact with me and continued to make several rolls more of the SAME sushi…

So out of frustration and lack of options, I ate the one, boring sushi and left, but convinced myself that it was just an off day. After all, I have been eating here for almost 3 years – and this was the first bad experience.

So today, me and my emotions showed up for lunch only be confronted with some very messy and average looking sushi. I say messy because it looked like I made it. And I wouldn’t pay money for the sushi that I make. Nevertheless, I took and seat and ordered my favourites; Prawn with Avocado and Snow Pea Shoots and Teriyaki Chicken with Avocado; only to be looked at blankly and told that they “don’t make that anymore”.

With frustration mounting, I picked off other items that looked vaguely appetizing and was unimpressed on all counts. The ones which were meant to be hot, were cold and the ones that were meant to be room temperature were frigid and stiff. They had some wonderful sounding specials available but they were all hot – and seeing as it was nudging 40C outside – it was way to hot to even consider them.

So while I still feel a twinge for loyalty for Sushi Train – I think the next time I’m in Cairns, I really will have to take a look at those recommendations…just in case - because I think my #3 favourite spot is up for grabs...

Sushi Train
Cairns Central Shopping Centre
Shields Street

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  1. I just have to say - WOW - I have had lunch here for the past 2 days - not sure if there is a new Chef but they have lifted their game massively!! I had the best Scallop Sushi here - perfectly seared, still pink in the middle with the sweetest BBQ sauce. To die for. Highly reccommend now tha they have made big changes! YAY!! :)