30 November 2009

Caxton St Catering - Perfection in Aprons.

We had originally booked our Christmas Party at a “prestigious” (their words, not mine) winery but due to a difference of opinion a few weeks out about where we could sit, how many courses we could have and the fact that we could ONLY have alternate drop – we decided to go elsewhere. Seeing as Brisbane’s best Christmas Party Venues are generally booked out by October – we had left it a little bit late, but seeing as our boss as recently moved into his dream home at St Lucia – the executive decision was made to host it there and “Get the Caterers in”.

I for one was disappointed. I have been to a few catered parties in my time (and left one a few kilos lighter thanks to some dodgily transported chicken) and none had particularly wowed me. On top of that – after a cringe worthy night at hubby’s Xmas party where he practically inhaled the bar tab – it was finally his turn to drive, and I had been looking forward to sampling some delicious, budget blowing cocktails.

So yes, I will admit that my hopes fell a little bit when we were relegated from Winery to Balcony… and now, in hindsight – I would like to apologise to Caxton St. I have well and truly eaten my words. They have completely restored my faith in the catering profession.

So, where do I start?

Was it being met at my Boss’s front door by an impeccably dressed waiter, resplendent in starched white apron with the welcome “Would Madam like a cocktail to start the afternoon?” Indeed Madam would – and please, keep them coming!

No, that was lovely (and unexpected!), but it was their absolute attention to every detail – cocktails were constantly within arms reach, perfectly iced and muddled with lime, beers frosty cold – but most importantly – they remembered what you drank and offered you another.

Canapes were divine, my favourite was the Coriander and Garlic crusted Prawn closely followed by the Wagyu Beef and Onion Jam, but they were all fabulously moreish.

Freshly baked bread rolls with room temperature butter were next, followed by a choice of Scallops in Gazpacho or Prawn in chilled Green Curry Dressing. The Prawns were amazing, cooked perfectly and the chilled Green Curry, while at first taste very odd – second taste was wonderful - cool, crispy and summery but enough spice to keep things interesting. The Scallops (yes, I did manage to snavell one, or half of one if I’m being honest), were seared and just pink in the centre and their spicy Gazpacho was the perfect partner. Considering how good they were - I was lucky to get that half.

By now I had completely forgotten my past unhappiness and was quite literally drooling as I watched the Chef plate up our Mains; Beef Fillet on Creamed Potato with Watercress & Red Wine Jus and Pancetta wrapped Chicken Breast with Sweet Potato Mash and Spinach. Again, alternate drop and this time Hubby (the fussy one out of the two of us), couldn’t decided which one he wanted, so made me promise to stop halfway so we could swap. Marriage is all about compromise isn’t it?
Chicken was (again) perfectly cooked, the pancetta giving the dish that kick of saltiness while the sweet potato and Spinach balanced it wonderfully. Swapping with hubby halfway through – the steak was cooked to a delicious Medium, but so well rested, there was no red, just the perfect deep pink. Super tender with mash that would make a Frenchman cry, it was divine. I’m a butcher’s wife and I was eating with my eyes closed I was so happy.

Could the day get any better? Well, almost. The only downfall of the day is that my boss is not a dessert person. He is a cheese person. While I don’t mind a nibble of cheese here and there, I felt saddened that I was not able to truly bust out of my outfit by cramming a piece of unneeded chocolate cake into my already full stomach.

Instead we had share plates of cheeses, olives, petite fours and juicy, sensational in season cherries. I have to say – while I have already personally emailed Caxton Street to tell them how wonderful I thought they were – I really think I need to call them back to find out where they get their Olives from… the Kalamatas were lovely – but the Green were out of this world.

So Caxton St Catering – here, on a public forum – I take back (almost) every bad word I have ever said about Caterers (excluding the Chicken people). You are phenomenal and you deserve a medal - if you don't already have a cupboard full. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas Party. xx

The Verdict: I don't know what they cost - but they were worth every penny.

Recommendations: Anything they recommend. Anything.

Contact: Caxton St Catering


  1. Wow- that is absolutely a glowing endorsement. I'm using Sally from taste trekkers and have heard good things- hopefully I can my post will be as lovely as this one.

  2. Good luck! I'll be reading your blog - so let us know how it goes! :)

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